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I saw Drive three times last year AT THE CINEMA. I effing love that movie. I effing love Ryan Gosling. The Notebook? GET OUT OF MY FACE OMG IT/HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

So when I found out that he MIGHT BE IN MELBOURNE I felt the need to scream it from the digital rooftop.

UPDATE: My interview about Ryan Gosling in The Age’s Sunday Life magazine.

Here I will explain how the #Goslingwatch meme/hysteria began, for any of you that are confused. For those “underground/in the know” Gosling fans, we all know that this all started on June 18, 11 days ago.

A friend posted on facebook that a friend’s friend saw Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes at a cafe near Brunswick street. Naturally I took this and posted this all over Twitter, starting many breathless tweets from my female followers.

And then I made up the #Goslingwatch hashtag

The next day my friend Adam Curley saw him at Mario’s on Brunswick street, reportedly dining alone wearing a blue baseball cap.

I began to google the living shit out of anything related to Ryan Gosling and Melbourne, any movies that he was working on this year, how they might be connected to Melbourne/Australia, any relation/friendship he might have with that chick from Mad Men who is filming a show in Australia at the moment. The internet came up with absolutely NOTHING.

As I generally put all my faith in the internet and could find no evidence, I put it down to a hilarious rumour and we all began to indulge in Ryan Gosling sighting related jokes.

At that point I had to concede that I thought it was most likely not true, and everyone’s hearts got broken for a while…

…UNTIL YESTERDAY! Yesterday was the day that my friend posted a picture of what she claimed to be Ryan Gosling, alongside the Ryan Gosling meme inspired description – “Hey girl, you just spotted RYAN MOTHER FREAKIN GOSLING!” She states that she saw him at the Doclands.

Naturally I hijacked the picture and posted it on my Twitter (I would have credited you Lucy but you seem to have deleted your twitter slash I can’t find your handle anymore!!!!) and restarted the #Goslingwatch hashtag.

Miss Buckeridge has since gone underground, has not posted anymore Ryan Gosling related statuses and can not been reached for comment.

At some stage this morning the “mainstream media” has cottoned onto #Gosling watch and started posting about the rumours, along with Lucy’s photo. I believe it has also been on radio 3AW.

Better late than never. I have been quoted all over these articles but sadly not with a link to my Twitter or my name.

Today their have been so called sightings in QV Shopping Centre and Port Melbourne.

Some articles:

 Take40.com (aka my old work, and they still quoted me as “a friend”, LOL)


Herald Sun


3AW Online

I think #Goslingwatch is pretty much a meme now, seeing as there have been some pretty decent photoshop jobs going around.


There is also a very shit website and Twitter page for “Gosling in Melbourne”. Seriously, if it’s not going to be funny, why even bother? All the jokes are “heavily influenced” by stuff that has already been posted online.

OK, well that’s all from me. You can read everything else about #Goslingwatch on my Twitter. I am quite exhausted from the excitement of all this and I’m going to Taco Bill with my workmates to drink half price margaritas.

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