On Nova with Nath Valvo

Once again I have been shamed by my friends into updating my website. It’s nice that they care enough to abuse me about it so I thought I’d post this audio from when I did Nova 100 Saturday morning breakfast with my pal and fellow comedian Nath Valvo. He hosts the show every weekend and […]

‘I Am Eleven’ Interview with Nick Huggins

Update: I watched the Cinemix ‘I Am Eleven’ screening as part of Melbourne Music Week. On second viewing I cried just as much, if not more as I did the first time. The live score was beautiful and we even got to meet Jack and Jamirah at the end. Jack was 18 and had moved […]

Cool New Choons

I’ve been back in Melbourne for almost 2 months now. There’s so much new music around it seems like I got out of the loop pretty quickly. Here are a couple of bands I’m into of late. These guys are called Oscar + Martin and they’re from Melbourne. My friend booked them to play at […]

The Best Midnight Juggernauts Interview of All Time

Midnight Juggernauts are one of my favourite bands ever. They come from Melbourne, where I come from. The first time I saw them was in a bouncy castle at a warehouse party at this place which is an old lingerie warehouse. It has a big sign out the front that says “Irene’s Lingerie”. People lived […]