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About me

I’m an Australian comedian/improviser/journalist/writer/digital producer/social media strategist/radio producer/announcer and internet person living in Melbourne.

I write/have written for The Vine, Beat, Brag,, Tone Deaf, Broadsheet, Triple J magazine. I also do social media/copy writing/digital producer stuff. If you are interested in me for that type of thing you are much better having a stalk of my LinkedIn profile.

I appeared on triple j debate night and have broadcasted on SYN and RRR. I have also been known to rant about internships on twitter and subsequently The Project, start world famous Ryan Gosling hashtags on the internet (#Goslingwatch), but comedy is my main bag these days.

I used to work in commercial radio (I was  a scripwriter for Kyle and Jackie-O for 2 and a half years, among other things) which lead to things like this GRATUITOUS PHOTO OF ME AND JUSTIN BIEBER.

Justin Bieberand also Stephen Fry because I look ugly in the Justin Bieber one and coz STEPHEN FRY and also it makes people jealous and I’m occasionally I’m a jerk like that.

Also I want you to know I’m well rounded in the kinds of celebrities that I hang around with.

Stephen Fry National Television Awards London 2011


You can email me – rose [at]