Rose Callaghan & Mates 2: Return of the Mates – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

This year i am returning with my show Rose Callaghan & Mates – where i MC and share the stage with two other rad comics of the festival (i do 30 mins, they do 10 each).

Return of the mates

“Rose is hilarious, and this variety show-style hour is a great way to see some unexpected big names in a smaller setting. Names that appeared last year included Joel Creasy and Tom Ballard, among others.” – Pedestrian.TV – Pick of the 2015 Melbourne Comedy Festival




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I’m in an ad



Shout out to my mates who managed to put together a GIF within mere hours of the ad’s release.

rose SaxO6pj


Now just compiling a list of things that look wrong about my face.


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Man Academy Melbourne Fringe 2014

Myself and Kirsten Law wrote and performed the character comedy Man Academy at the 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Man Academy poste

We also performed at the opening night of the fringe club at the North Melbourne Town Hall.

Melbourne Fringe Club 2014

Video from our show.

Man Academy Episode 1: Meet Doug from Kirsten Law on Vimeo.

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On Nova with Nath Valvo

Nova comedy radio

Once again I have been shamed by my friends into updating my website. It’s nice that they care enough to abuse me about it so I thought I’d post this audio from when I did Nova 100 Saturday morning breakfast with my pal and fellow comedian Nath Valvo. He hosts the show every weekend and has different comedian guests on.

Nath and I have been friends since we met on the red carpet at the Logies in 2010. Unfortunately we were working, as part of our former radio jobs, and not guests of the event. We both had to interview Bindi Irwin and were deeply disturbed.

This radio show starts at 6am on a Saturday morning, which is the time I’m often coming home, so being up at this time was a real novelty.


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Extended run and nice reviews!

So my “official” Melbourne Comedy Festival run finished and went very well, so I extended it until this Sunday and it’s now at the Imperial. The Imperial has become a hub for comedy every festival now. I did 3 Little Gigs there during Fringe and also gig there during the week at Puggs in Space and Imperial Open Mic. Impy is my comedy home! HERE IS THE NEW TICKETZZ BUYING LINK!!

I got a bunch of reviews in which said nice things – especially the Herald Sun, who gave me ★★★½ and said:

“Honest stand-up from a charming host.”

“Rose Callaghan and Mates has changing guests every night, but the best part, of course, is Callaghan. She’s funny and likable and you’ll want to have a beer with her afterwards to pontificate life’s problems.”

The original review yesterday gave away heaps of my jokes. Funnily enough they have edited the review, removing much of the revealing information – which is great. Although they removed my favourite quote – “Although mostly sex-based, it is easy to relate to.”

Some other nice things people said:

“Callaghan is a fantastic MC, driving home laugh after laugh” –

“This comic takes to the stage like a fish to water, confidence just pouring from her.”

“Her delivery style is punchier and more direct than many of her contemporaries which elicits hearty laughter from the audience rather than mildly amused chuckling and she has a great command of the stage.” – Melbourne Fun Times blog

“A great choice for anyone looking to see an hour of solid standup which offers something different each night. ★★★★” – Elise Faulkner, Funny Tonne

“Highly recommended” – Lip magazine

Tonight’s guests are!

the wonderful Joel Creasey (here he is on the motherfucking COMEDY FESTIVAL GALA)

and Girls Uninterrupted (featured here on their awesome xmas shorts for ABC!)

Thursday’s guests!

David Quirk

James McCann

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Nova ROFL Room

Comedy festival has been going for like 5 days now. I don’t even know. It feels like a lifetime already. My shows have been going crazy good, I’ve sold out a couple and might even extend my run.

I was asked to do a thing for Nova 100 radio station called ROFL Room which was sick balls good.

Of course I got sick on the day and was losing my voice. #festivalflu amirite. Anyways I almost vomited before I went onstage and I was just willing myself to get through the gig without spewing and it ended up being really great.

Here is me and my good pal Jonathan Schuster (who also performed and smashed it).

Jonathan Schuster Rose Callaghan Nova ROFL Room


Here is the lil video of the night.


Not my favourite bit that I did on the night, but still a great fun night for all and most importantly I got a goodie bag with wine in it and tooth floss and a bottle of water with my name on it.

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Rose Callaghan & Mates Week 1 Line-up!

The line-up for the first bunch of my Rose Callaghan & Mates comedy festival shows are locked in!

I am so stoked about all the acts I’m going to be having on. If you’re confused about the structure of the show, it’s basically me hosting and doing jokes for half the show (in a couple of brackets) interspersed with a 10 min set each from 2 different comics each night.

If you went to the show and liked what you saw, the ticketing links for their shows are hyperlinked from their name.

Tickets on sale now HERE!

Wednesday, 26th March 2014
Kate McLennan (It’s a Date, Slideshow, Offspring, also my comedy mentor who introduced me to the phrase “bucket vagina”).

Brendan Maloney (“massive shithead” – Brendan Maloney)

Thursday, 27th March 2014
Geraldine Hickey (SBS 2, ABC’s The Librarians)

Jonathan Schuster (raw comedy winner)

Friday, 28th March 2014
Tommy Dassalo (little dum dum club podcast, eating sandwiches on youtube)

Josh Earl (host of a lil show called SPICKS AND SPECKS!!)

Saturday, 29th March 2014
Harley Breen (Adam Hills Tonight, It’s a Date)

Stuart Daulman (wizard sandwiches, raw comedy state finalist)

Monday, 31st March 2014
Nic Capper (“Don Bourke meets Salvador Dali” – Greg Fleet)
SECRET GUEST!!!!!!!!!!!! (can’t say coz they’re 2 famous but they’ve been on the radio a lot and are super awesome!)

Tuesday, 1st April 2014
Nath Valvo (Nova FM! The Shambles!)

Henry stone (JAYDOS FROM YOUTUBE!! Triple j debate!! Skills in Time!!)


Hosted by Rose Callaghan (who has met Justin Bieber twice)

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Rose Callaghan and Mates Comedy Festival poster is go!

MICF 2014


Behold the poster for my 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show “Rose Callaghan and Mates” here!

It was designed by fellow comedian and one of my favE people in the world, Stu Daulman. He is a stand-up who also performs in Wizard Sandwiches and makes these rad videos.

He is also one of the acts who will be featured on my show.

Speaking of which – BUY SOME FRIKKIN’ TICKETS WOULD YOU!?!?!?

PS I also have a facebook fan page now.

Plus hit dat facebook event and hit “attending” why don’t ya?!


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It’s been a productive week

casey donovan tweet

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‘Rose Callaghan and Mates’ on-sale nowwwww!!!!

Rose Callaghan and Mates



Rose Callaghan performs stand-up and hosts a roster of some of the best comedians of the festival. Featuring acts such as Josh Earl (Spicks and Specks), Geraldine Hickey (SBS2), Harley Breen (Adam Hills Tonight) and many more over 11 nights – every show will be different!

See the girl that stirred up the Australian hip hop community just 7 months into her stand-up “career” with her winningtriple j Debate Night speech. Rose has also been featured complaining about things on The Project and invented the legendary #goslingwatch hashtag on twitter (frequently referenced by pop-cultural academic journal NW magazine). She’s been heard on 3RRR FM, and written for triple j magazineBeat and

A relatively new face on the Melbourne stand-up scene, Callaghan has already established herself as one of the local comedians to watch, debuting at Melbourne Fringe 2013 with the trio show 3 Little Gigs and performing improv at MICF 2013 in Our Friend Harold with The Improv Conspiracy.

In Rose Callaghan and Mates, host Rose will talk about her stupid life, tell funny stories & generally ridicule herself and others in between introducing you to her mates, some of the funniest comedians around. We’re talking people who have been on TV, radio and even…PODCASTS. It’s  honest, acerbically witty and a little bit blue.

“Rose Callaghan can suck the collective dick of the local hip hop community”: person on twitter.

“Rose Callaghan is a haggard old c***”: Australian hip hop fan and internet forum user. 
The Duke
146 Flinders Street
(cnr Flinders & Russell Sts)
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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