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Exclusive behind the scenes goss from the set of The Bachelor!!

omg you’re not gonna believe this!

Under new management (me)

Hey guys, sorry this website sucks so much and i never update it. This wordpress template isn’t responsive (technical term in the digital sphere) which is why it’s annoying to look at and some of the images are smooshed (another technical term). It’s funny that i know this but i still haven’t fixed it.


In more professional news, I am excited to say I am now being managed by the wonderful folks at A List Entertainment. They have a bigger website that gets updated far more frequently and if you don’t think my page looks very impressive you can go and look at Carl Barron or Kitty Flanagan’s pages because they’ve done lots of interesting things and been on Galas and they have proper videos up there.

Or you can look at mine which is here

For bookings you can email Kylie Sparrow – kylie [at]


“Will You Accept This Rose?” Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017 – Now on sale!

This post has been hacked several times by some dudes in Palestine but I have updated wordpress now so FINGERS CROSSED!!

My new solo show “Will You Accept This Rose?” is on sale and runs from the 30th of March to the 9th of April at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Yes it is Bachelor themed HAHA. There are some very fun surprises for Bachelor fans but also it’s still fun for people who have never watched it.

I just finished doing a run of the show in Perth to big crowds which was very fun, plus I got a nice 4 star review from The Australia Times – “An amazing sense of humour… well crafted gags.”

I’m doing 10 nights at The Forum. I sold out almost my whole run last year and I’m my venue is only 8 seats bigger so it would be good to book early to get the nights you want!

If you book 4 or more at once you get a group discount plus you only have to pay the insane ticketmaster fee once!

Tickets ON SALE here

flyer, poster, Will you accept this Rose?


Thanks Sydney <3

After performing in Perth and Melbourne, i finished up the run of my first solo show at the Sydney Fringe with 2 shows at the Factory Theatre.

I had a sick time and had packed shows including a sold out 2nd show!! woo.factory theatre sydney fringe

Also i won the award for “Best Comedy” at Sydney Fringe, which i found out while i was on a bus by myself, feeling a bit tipsy tbh after some cocktails with my cousin and her husband at Bondi Icebergs (the fancy part, too). I hadn’t had dinner, that was the problem. I hate getting drunk when I haven’t had dinner, it makes me feel CRAZY.

Anyway i was informed that i had won the best comedy award at the Sydney Fringe awards ceremony, an event that I was not aware of, nor was I invited to. That is EXTREMELY fringe.

I picked up my award from a cafe in Newtown the next day because the guy from fringe had to go somewhere and i was leaving that night. The people who worked there were a bit confused but then congratulatory when i told them. Thanks Sydney!

sydney fringe comedy award

My big secret

I am actually a scientist sent from the 1980’s to educate people on the importance of a balanced diet.

MLA “The Trinity Experiment” from Yoomin Lee on Vimeo.

If you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life.



This is my serious look.






Reclink Community Cup 2016

Waleed Aly



After many a year as a member of the crowd and one year even as a cheerleader for the Megahertz, this year I was lucky enough to represent Channel 31 as a boundary rider for the 2016 telecast of the Community Cup, raising money for Reclink.

My co-boundary rider was fellow comedian Matt Stewart and we got to interview a bunch of awesome people & had an awesome day.





A photo posted by Rose Callaghan (@operation_rosie) on

The beautiful Regurgitator

Community television alumni and professional sweetheart Waleed Aly

Hanging out with my mate and fellow boundary rider Matt Stewart.



Interview with former Megahert and current Rockdog KBS


Hosting About Tonight on Channel 31 – all the videos

During the comedy festival this year I was lucky enough to host an episode of Channel 31’s About Tonight, a freeform tonight show where each episode a different comedian gets to do whatever the heck they want for an hour.

My guests were: the mysterious musical sensation “Yolanda”, Bart Freebairn, Libbi Gorr and American comedian Jen Kirkman.

I was also lucky enough to have cult Sydney music sensation SPOD as my house band!

My interview with Jen Kirkman:


videos from Yolanda and Libbi Gorr

‘Rose Before Hoes’ Comedy Festival 2016 Reviews

Rose Callaghan Reviews 'Rose Before Hoes'

Got some lovely reviews for my very first solo show at the comedy festival!


“It was fist-punching-the-air brilliant to hear a woman talking about disability and mental illness with a poignant sense of humour.

“The tide is turning towards real, honest female comedy that isn’t either aiming to please everyone or willing to be silent about issues that really affect women.”

Theatre Press

“Rose Callaghan’s debut solo show is a wild ride… Her stage presence is mesmerising and she yanks the crowd’s attention towards her punchlines,”

“Overall, Callaghan’s is one of the most bombastic, honest and funny debut solo shows you’ll come across.”


“Callaghan proves once again that she can instinctively hold a crowd, and has added polish to her definitively relatable material.”

“This is a performer to keep a watch on.”

“Rose Callaghan’s comedy journey is very much on the up and up.”


The Plus Ones


Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016 – ‘Rose Before Hoes’

My first solo show is happening at the comedy festival!

It’s on from April 5-17 at The Forum – get your tickets here!

I’ve been a busy bee this week!

I’ve done an interview on RRR, two different appearances on triplej, hosted my own Channel 31 TV show with Jen Kirkman and did some spots including one at the notorious late night gig at The Exford where I didn’t even punch anyone.


rose callaghan poster Rose Before Hoes

My first solo show: Attention Deficit… Ooh a Pony! Perth Fringeworld

I’m performing my first solo show in Perth in a couple of weeks and I’m very excited.

the show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is the same show because I got bored of it. Did i mention i have ADHD? in Melbourne it is called “Rose Before Hoes”, tickets here.

Dates: February 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th
Time: 7:20pm (matinee performance at 3:20pm on Saturday 13 February)
Venue: Ramen Room @ Noodle Palace
Facebook page

Rose Callaghan perth fringeworldRose Callaghan Perth fringeworld poster

Here is the blurb:

Rose Callaghan returns to Perth to debut her very first solo stand-up comedy show at FringeWorld, directed by Bart Freebairn (triple j, Comedy Channel)!! Attention Deficit… Ooh A Pony is a very poignant and deep comedy show that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and leave you with a deep heart-warming message.

That, or it’s a lot of sex stories, obscure hip-hop references and some insight into what it’s like to be diagnosed with ADHD as a 32 year old woman (bad). Does this explain many of her character flaws orimpulsive behaviours, exhibited via her harrowing online dating history, phobia of paperwork and party gal disposition? Or is she just a bit shit?

Callaghan is well known to the Melbourne comedy community, appearing in festivals for the last 3 years performing stand-up and improv, presenting for Poncho, writing (The Vine, triple j mag), appearing on triple j, 3RRR FM, ABC and co-hosting Nova FM. Last year she and comedian Kirsten Law launched the podcast Swipe Night, all about internet dating and sex. Media personality Dan Ilic described it as “my new favourite podcast”. She’s featured regularly as a “dating expert”, despite being single for 5 years. Seriously don’t listen to any of her advice.

Her witty and irreverent style of comedy has fast earned her a prominent place in the Australian comedy scene. In Attention Deficit… Ooh A Pony – her best (and worst) traits take centre stage. Perth won’t know what has hit them.

“Honest stand-up from a charming host. Funny and likeable, you’ll want to have a beer with her” –

“Hilarious” – Pedestrian.TV