Midnight Juggernauts interview
From left: Vincent, Andy, Dan

Midnight Juggernauts are one of my favourite bands ever. They come from Melbourne, where I come from.

The first time I saw them was in a bouncy castle at a warehouse party at this place which is an old lingerie warehouse. It has a big sign out the front that says “Irene’s Lingerie”. People lived there and it’s an also an art space. There was also a shitload of bikes there. I saw some people having a threesome when I was trying to find a way out onto the balcony thing where the sign is. That was pretty gross.

That was in 2005. Flash to August 2010 and the first time I get to interview them is a bajillion miles away from home, at Shoreditch venue CAMP. I mean, I interviewed Justin Bieber twice before I pinned these guys down. I know, right? They’re currently on the road with Chromeo and due to play London again at the Roundhouse on the 12th.

I spoke to Dan and Andy for an Australian expat magazine called The Australian Times. You can view my article here.

As always there was way too much gold and way too little space. I couldn’t let it go to waste so here are some highlights just for you bloggy people (and Google spambots).

Their European Tour Bus

Andy: “The Midnight Juggernauts bus: there’s always lots of chocolate that Vin always steals off me. There was a Playstation. There’s always lots of beer that we take from each venue. We always get through it though.”

Dan: “You’ll fall asleep and wake up in another country.”

Australian Imports

D: “In France, we were in Toulouse and we were ordering our food and all the guys that were at the restaurant and the venue would walk up to us and make these kangaroo paw signs and pretend to bounce around.”

A: “It was quite racist actually, I was offended… Most people, Australia’s not really in their mind so you do get stuff like that about kangaroos because it’s kind of the end of the earth for most of the world. There’s plenty of Australians here [London]”

“You play in :ondon and there are heaps of [expats]. We never get Australians at a show in Paris… there’ll be random Australians that turn up to shows. It’s always funny when you see an Australian that’s in some remote part of Belgium or something.”

midnight juggernauts DJs
I stole this from the NME website so they must be important


A: “Our favourite thing to in london is usually getting a bagel from Brick Lane. But that only happens at like 5am.”

D: “That mustard beef, oh my god, it’s amazing. It’s like heaven.”

Continously Touring Until the End of Time

A: “I’m quitting. Dan and Vin are going to become a two-piece.”

D: “We’ll just get a hologram of Andy and he’ll write all the music and we’ll become robots.”

“I find myself not being able to remember what we did last week… I’m serious!”

A: “We fight on stage. It’s actually quite serious. People are quite scared, like freaked out, when they’ve seen that we’re literally like telling each other to fuck off. If one of us thinks that the other one isn’t putting enough energy in they start screaming.”

D: “It’s all love.”

The Good/Bad Old Days Before Fame

A: “Back then there was no real grand plan. I dunno if it was more or less stressful then.”

Old Friends Temper Trap

D: “Temper Trap – what’s his name, Toby – in the Shadows video, that’s him drumming.”

Me: When you see each other at on tour and at festivals do you high five each on your success?

temper trap
Old bros

A: “We do high five each other. And hug. Lots of hugs. They’re old friends I guess. I grew up in the same suburb of melbourne as Toby… Seeing them now – they’re like mega successful.”

What Vinnie Was Like in School (Vinnie and Andy went to school together. Obviously.)

A: “He was exactly as he is now. He’s an enigma: wrapped in a sandwich.”

*Roll around laughing on the couch for a while*

Strange Remix/Production Requests

D: “Grandmaster Flash asked if he could produce our album.”

A: “It was kind of an honour but kind of stupid and inappropriate… He’s a big fan, it was very strange…. He made contact. He’s the real deal.”

D: “He just started following us around.”

The Solange Knowles Thing

A: “I’m not sure what that is. It”s like an ongoing thing.

D: “That’s a Vinnie thing.”

Solange Knowles: kinda like Beyonce but more hipster-ey

“The first time we met Solange was in paris at the fashion week show. We were sitting in the front row, next to Usher, Kelly Rowland and Solange.”

Me: So have you met Jay-Z or Beyonce yet?

A: “We haven’t met Jay-Z but we have been kicked out of his bar.”

Their Famous New Video Clip Lara vs The Savage Pack

Midnight Juggernauts – Lara Vs The Savage Pack from midnight juggernauts on Vimeo.

Dan: “It happened all on my kitchen table. My friend Lucy directed it with this other girl Beatrice. We started filming that clip in April and it took till a couple of weeks ago to finish.

“We filmed the whole thing in stopmotion, so us like moving a centimetre and then taking a picture. And then we decided, stupidly, to reshoot the whole thing on paper. So we printed out over 2000 pieces of paper, which I have all in my house. And then my friends sat there crumpling them up centirmetre by centimetre with a camera on a tripod on my table FOR WEEKS…

“I’d be going and getting them lunch and giving them massages. It took them like six months of working around the clock. The last two months they weren’t sleeping.”


This is what their new album 'The Crystal Axis' looks like in case you've forgotten

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