I’ve been back in Melbourne for almost 2 months now. There’s so much new music around it seems like I got out of the loop pretty quickly.

Here are a couple of bands I’m into of late.

These guys are called Oscar + Martin and they’re from Melbourne. My friend booked them to play at Bar Open a while ago on a Thursday night and I’ve never seen that upstairs band room jump so much.

This video is pretty kewl.

Their album ‘For You’ just dropped this week and is currently the feature album on Triple R, so listen in and you’ll likely hear some more of their tunes.

The next band are called Collarbones and they are from Syd-a-ney. A mate of mine told me to check them out and I’m glad she did. Although we went to the gig on Saturday night and somehow I did that thing where in between smoking cigarettes and talking to friends by the time you get into the band room they play one song and then say “thanks guys, this is our last song”. Wah 🙁

This is the cover they did of Justin Bieber’s ‘One Time’ (this might have something to do with why I like them).

Another track of theirs – ‘Don Juan’:

Oh and at the end of the set they cranked up the song ‘1 Thing’ by Amerie and made everyone dance to it. I flipping love that song. I didn’t realise liking that song was like a thing.


To me Collarbones sound a lot like Discovery, the side project of the dudes from Vampire Weekend and Ra Riot (which is waaaaay better than Vampire Weekend, ugh).

Going back to London/Europe for a month next week. I’m sure I’ll be completely out of touch once again by the time I get back.

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