Being a Ryan Gosling Expert in Sunday Life

I have found myself in the position of “Ryan Gosling expert”, following the hysteria of #Goslingwatch. If you are unfamiliar, that was a successful hashtag that I created in regard to rumours that Ryan Gosling was in Australia that were never actually proven. Contrary to some extremely defamatory accusations – I didn’t make it up […]

How to Turn an Unsubstantiated Gossip Rumour Into a National News Story via The Social Mediaz

I saw Drive three times last year AT THE CINEMA. I effing love that movie. I effing love Ryan Gosling. The Notebook? GET OUT OF MY FACE OMG IT/HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. So when I found out that he MIGHT BE IN MELBOURNE I felt the need to scream it from the digital rooftop. UPDATE: […]