VIDEO: Oxford, Blessing Force, Neon Pulse and Chad Valley…featuring moi!

A few months back I headed down (up? sideways?) to Oxford, a town you probably know from the mega famous University that lives there. There’s also a buttload of music coming out of Oxford these days. My friend Alex (Neon Pulse) played at a very cool warehouse party in February and invited me down. The […]

The Ultimate Star Spotting: Chasing Amy

When I moved to London from Melbourne, I wanted to see celebs – lots of them. It took me a while but eventually we were at a pub is Islington for our work Christmas dinner and who walks in but Jude Law (!!!). Sadie Frost was also there, as well as what I could gather […]


Guess who scored my invite to the British National Television Awards today? Let the hi-jinks begin tomorrow night on ITV1 from 7.30pm and let’s see if I can get my head on the telly, otherwise you can check me out on Twitter. Special musical guest being announced tomorrow which I for one am very HAPPY […]

Things I have learnt about London

I’ve been in London for two and half months now so I should probably write something London related. Here is a list coz I’m feeling lazy. • Don’t stand on the left hand side of the escalator in the tube station. You will be punched in the head. • The tube is hot and gross. […]