A few days ago I was bagging the shit out of MIA for her lame Superbowl appearance/collaboration with Madonna, the whole contrived “flipping the bird” thing and general sell out-ness.

The first time I heard the track I thought it was a bit samey and the whole “bad girls” thing seemed a bit played out (sooo controversial/edgy). But the second time I heard it, it was like BAM, stuck in my head straight away, so catchy. My coworker urged me to watch the video, saying it was “next level”. So I did, and now I’m obsessed. Thanks a lot.

The video was directed by Romain Gavras, who also did “Born Free”. It was shot in Morocco and highlights the middle eastern “drifting” trend, which is apparently huge over there. Especially on really busy streets and places where there are lots of people around. I guess you’ve gotta get your kicks somehow, and people don’t really drink over there, so.

While ‘Bad Girls’ is still in typical MIA style, I can’t ignore the fact that she’s become less tomboy and more glam since her breakthrough into the mainstream thanks to Pineapple Express and Madonna, I guess.

Hey gurl.

*Eats truffle fry*

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