Oh my god (or should that be “gold”? – GEDDIT?!). Just when I thought Mark Ronson couldn’t become anymore attractive, I found this Tommy Hilfiger ad from 1999.

Mark Ronson Aaliyah for Tommy Hilfiger
"You can brush it off and try again!"

He is all wigga’d up with a shaved head. And he is modelling with THE Aaliyah (may she rest in peace). Who is wearing an amazingly bad Tommy Hilfiger tube top (is that we called them? I can’t even remember). At this time he wasn’t yet famous but was making a name for himself as a DJ in New York.

It’s all a bit much. In the best possible way. I remember having a secret thing for guys dressed like this at that time (16, 17 years old). I think it came just after or during the long blonde hair surfer grunge dude era. Also during the bad dye job punk underage festival guy era.

<3 YOU MARK. P.S. I saw Mark Ronson at Future Music Festival last weekend and he blew my mind. I will post my review for Tone Deaf later.

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