After performing in Perth and Melbourne, i finished up the run of my first solo show at the Sydney Fringe with 2 shows at the Factory Theatre.

I had a sick time and had packed shows including a sold out 2nd show!! woo.factory theatre sydney fringe

Also i won the award for “Best Comedy” at Sydney Fringe, which i found out while i was on a bus by myself, feeling a bit tipsy tbh after some cocktails with my cousin and her husband at Bondi Icebergs (the fancy part, too). I hadn’t had dinner, that was the problem. I hate getting drunk when I haven’t had dinner, it makes me feel CRAZY.

Anyway i was informed that i had won the best comedy award at the Sydney Fringe awards ceremony, an event that I was not aware of, nor was I invited to. That is EXTREMELY fringe.

I picked up my award from a cafe in Newtown the next day because the guy from fringe had to go somewhere and i was leaving that night. The people who worked there were a bit confused but then congratulatory when i told them. Thanks Sydney!

sydney fringe comedy award

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