Rose Callaghan Reviews 'Rose Before Hoes'

Got some lovely reviews for my very first solo show at the comedy festival!


“It was fist-punching-the-air brilliant to hear a woman talking about disability and mental illness with a poignant sense of humour.

“The tide is turning towards real, honest female comedy that isn’t either aiming to please everyone or willing to be silent about issues that really affect women.”

Theatre Press

“Rose Callaghan’s debut solo show is a wild ride… Her stage presence is mesmerising and she yanks the crowd’s attention towards her punchlines,”

“Overall, Callaghan’s is one of the most bombastic, honest and funny debut solo shows you’ll come across.”


“Callaghan proves once again that she can instinctively hold a crowd, and has added polish to her definitively relatable material.”

“This is a performer to keep a watch on.”

“Rose Callaghan’s comedy journey is very much on the up and up.”


The Plus Ones

“Fearless, funny and brutally honest”

“No topic is off limits, and Rose delivers her observations with razor-sharp wit….

“Self-deprecating humour is far from new, but Rose delivers with the kind of confidence that makes you want to be her. Her free spirit and demeanour make you feel she could get away with anything, a fact even she acknowledges with her recount about airport security.”

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