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Last Wednesday I got to appear on triple j’s Debate Night at the Espy in St Kilda. Basically they got together a bunch of comedians and writers and got them to “debate serious stuff in a silly way”.

The debaters were: John Conway, Dave Callan, Jess McGuire, Nazeem Hussain, Declan Fay, Luke McGregor and myself.

My topic was “Aussie Hip Hop is the best Hip Hop” and my fearsome opponent was Nazeem Hussain, who you may know from comedy duo Fear of Brown Planet.

Spoiler alert: I TOTALLY WON.

The next one will be on in a few weeks time – where I debate with Luke McGregor about High School and whether it was good or bad. If you know anything about Luke’s material you can guess which side they put him on.

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