And people are saying that everything in music has already been done. I give to you: hip hop and whale noises.

I’m sure there is a dreadlocked, 21 year old bongo drumming backpacker in Byron Bay that would literally keel over and die upon hearing the culmination of these two most important spiritual elements.

I guess you could say I’m a bit late to the party, because apparently this song came out in 1995.

The guy responsible is called Andre Nickatina, formerly known as Dre Dog. Here is his website and twitter.

You should also check out this track ‘I’m a Junkie’ where he  adapts the song ‘I Had the Time of My Life’, by  interchanging the words “this time” with “hoe” in a most sophisticated way.


“Now I played some hoes in my life, but I’ve neeeever played this hoe before…”


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