I caught the much hyped Lana Del Rey video the other day for ‘Video Games’.

I got sucked in after seeing the third or so person tweet about how amazing the track was and how they’d watched it a billion times. It is indeed enchanting: combination of a beautiful song, eerily atmospheric music video and the artist herself – a vulnerable trout lipped Hollywood chanteuse.

The stylings of the video really draw the whole thing together. It’s kind of a mish mash of home videos, Disney movies, off-cuts of skating videos, Hollywood skeez and this strangely charismatic woman.

I came across music by another equally compelling new female artist today as well. Her name is Maria Minerva and she’s an Estonian writer/producer sometimes based in London making lo-fi kind of disco, electronic soundscapes.

The video had that same kind of magical home video feel.

Is this a new trend in music videos or something? I like it.

EDIT: I found another one! Joakim’s video for ‘Forever Young’ which came out in early July features more home video footage. This has been seen in his earlier videos from years ago but it backs up my previous theory so I’m going to post it!

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