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Andrew WK seems to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity of late. He played at Meredith a couple of years ago (to be fair, he was kind of sucky though) and people seem to be pretty pumped that he’s coming to play at the Big Day Out next year. His early noughties party anthems are old enough now that they’re almost retro and suddenly Andrew W.K holds a special place in our hearts once again.

So I’ve only just stumbled upon this conspiracy theory that his whole career is kind of a sham and that his persona is as manufactured as Britney Spears or the Pussycat Dolls.

Am I the last person to know about this?

This website has been been set up as a central information source on the Andrew W.K conspiracy theory and to present all the facts on who exactly Andrew Wilkes-Krier really is.

If you have some decent time to kill this is a pretty interesting read. In fact, this could be the basis for a pretty awesome movie script if you ask me. Do you hear that movie-producer-people-with-loads-of-money?

It’s all a bit weird, including the part where a random guy performed as Andrew W.K in 2004 who was not in fact Andrew W.K.

BUT the most important question is: who would play Andrew W.K in the movie adaptation?

Skeet Ulrich much?!

Skeet Ulrich
Andrew W.K will be played by Scream star and now aging former 90's babe Skeet Ulrich

Da nana na nana party da nana na [non-descript Andrew W.K song]

P.S: Apparently AWK actually admitted he wasn’t the original AWK in this talk he did in London in January. I don’t have speakers here so please do report back on your findings.

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  1. If conspiracy theories are your thing than just keep on reading, if you’re into truth, then I wouldn’t believe everything you read there. There are pretty basic explanations out there…

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