Comedy festival has been going for like 5 days now. I don’t even know. It feels like a lifetime already. My shows have been going crazy good, I’ve sold out a couple and might even extend my run.

I was asked to do a thing for Nova 100 radio station called ROFL Room which was sick balls good.

Of course I got sick on the day and was losing my voice. #festivalflu amirite. Anyways I almost vomited before I went onstage and I was just willing myself to get through the gig without spewing and it ended up being really great.

Here is me and my good pal Jonathan Schuster (who also performed and smashed it).

Jonathan Schuster Rose Callaghan Nova ROFL Room


Here is the lil video of the night.


Not my favourite bit that I did on the night, but still a great fun night for all and most importantly I got a goodie bag with wine in it and tooth floss and a bottle of water with my name on it.