Nazeem Hussain & triple j

I appeared on Nazeem Hussain’s show and said the word “swag” on national radio, so help me god. Last time we were on the radio was the (SELF-DESCRIBED) infamous triple j Debate Night Aussie hip hop debate. I received a disappointing zero abusive tweets after this appearance. We out here fam at @triplej with @nazeemhussain […]

Co-hosting Open Mic Life with special guest Adam Richard

A little while ago I was asked by my friend Doug Gordon to co-host his podcast Open Mic Life with him, whilst Dilruk Jayasinha was away. Usually when one of the hosts is away they get a previous guest to come on – and bring a friend of theirs on as a guest. So I […]

My Article From Inside the Comedy Festival

So I do stand-up comedy and improv. But I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here before because I’m terrible at updating my personal web log with anything other than links to articles I’ve done. I wrote an article recently for Triple J mag about what it’s like to try and do comedy. I’ll post […]

Teleport 2 Me, Jamie feat. Desire – WZRD

Kid Cudi has teamed up with producer Dot da Genius on his “band project”, WZRD. The first official single was released a few days ago and relies heavily on a sample from the song ‘Under Your Spell’, which was featured on the amazeballs ‘Drive’ soundtrack. I’m a big fan of Cudi’s and though this song […]

VIDEO: Oxford, Blessing Force, Neon Pulse and Chad Valley…featuring moi!

A few months back I headed down (up? sideways?) to Oxford, a town you probably know from the mega famous University that lives there. There’s also a buttload of music coming out of Oxford these days. My friend Alex (Neon Pulse) played at a very cool warehouse party in February and invited me down. The […]

Much Ado About a Hamburger: KFC’s Double Down

KFC has just introduced the “double down” burger to Australia. I’m not particularly “a-breast” (OH YES!!) with the products of Colonel Sanders although I am aware that the “double down” has achieved certain notoriety stateside for being ridiculously unhealthy, laden in fat and containing a large percentage of one’s recommended fat intake. Containing, “bacon, two […]


Guess who scored my invite to the British National Television Awards today? Let the hi-jinks begin tomorrow night on ITV1 from 7.30pm and let’s see if I can get my head on the telly, otherwise you can check me out on Twitter. Special musical guest being announced tomorrow which I for one am very HAPPY […]

Where is This Guy’s Publicist?

I’m pretty sure celebrities have whole teams of people dedicated to making sure they don’t fall out of clubs boozed out of their minds. Kid Cudi’s peeps must have been on holidays. This is what happened when he tried to leave a club somewhere in Hollywood the other night. Far from being shocked and embarrassed, […]

Let’s Have a Toast For the Douchebags! <3 You Kanye

Say what you like about Kanye being a twat, but he knows how to chuck together some good music tunes. I know he was a dick to Taylor Swift ‘n’ all but for anyone whose been following his movements over the last few years – were you really that surprised? Kanye has an ego the […]