Exclusive behind the scenes goss from the set of The Bachelor!!

omg you’re not gonna believe this!

“Will You Accept This Rose?” Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017 – Now on sale!

This post has been hacked several times by some dudes in Palestine but I have updated wordpress now so FINGERS CROSSED!! My new solo show “Will You Accept This Rose?” is on sale and runs from the 30th of March to the 9th of April at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Yes it is Bachelor […]

Swipe Night podcast finally launches!

So myself and my partner in crime/housemate/fellow comedian/fellow internet dating fiend Kirsten Law have finally launched our podcast. She was my co-star in our 2014 Fringe show Man Academy. It’s called Swipe Night and it’s a comedy podcast all about online dating, sex and relationships. Here is our cool lil’ logo designed by the absolute […]

On Nova with Nath Valvo

Once again I have been shamed by my friends into updating my website. It’s nice that they care enough to abuse me about it so I thought I’d post this audio from when I did Nova 100 Saturday morning breakfast with my pal and fellow comedian Nath Valvo. He hosts the show every weekend and […]

Melbourne Fringe Update

Tonight we’ll be completing our final show of 3 Little Gigs at Melbourne Fringe – the split show I’ve been doing with Arielle Conversi and Cameron Tyeson. The shows have been great – solid crowds, including one sell out and a shitload of randoms – including people who follow me on Twitter. We don’t know […]

Being a Ryan Gosling Expert in Sunday Life

I have found myself in the position of “Ryan Gosling expert”, following the hysteria of #Goslingwatch. If you are unfamiliar, that was a successful hashtag that I created in regard to rumours that Ryan Gosling was in Australia that were never actually proven. Contrary to some extremely defamatory accusations – I didn’t make it up […]

How to Turn an Unsubstantiated Gossip Rumour Into a National News Story via The Social Mediaz

I saw Drive three times last year AT THE CINEMA. I effing love that movie. I effing love Ryan Gosling. The Notebook? GET OUT OF MY FACE OMG IT/HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. So when I found out that he MIGHT BE IN MELBOURNE I felt the need to scream it from the digital rooftop. UPDATE: […]

The Power of Kimbra…and Monkeys

I caught up with my friend Stu for lunch yesterday. He is a musician. “Hey, so I just checked youtube yesterday and my video has had like 200,000 views,” he told me over a coffee. “Isn’t that weird? Last time I looked it was 4,000.” “Uh-huh,” I said, thinking he probably meant to say 20,000 views. […]

M.I.A – Bad Girls

A few days ago I was bagging the shit out of MIA for her lame Superbowl appearance/collaboration with Madonna, the whole contrived “flipping the bird” thing and general sell out-ness. The first time I heard the track I thought it was a bit samey and the whole “bad girls” thing seemed a bit played out […]

Mark Ronson and Aaliyah, Circa 1999

Oh my god (or should that be “gold”? – GEDDIT?!). Just when I thought Mark Ronson couldn’t become anymore attractive, I found this Tommy Hilfiger ad from 1999. He is all wigga’d up with a shaved head. And he is modelling with THE Aaliyah (may she rest in peace). Who is wearing an amazingly bad […]