5 Best Bars in 5 Minutes for Channel 31

As the most prolific boozehound comedian in Melbourne I was asked to go and review 5 Bars in 5 Minutes for Channel 31. I visited Campari House, Rooftop, Madama Brussels, Loop Rooftop Bar and Palms at the Carlton Club.

Much Ado About a Hamburger: KFC’s Double Down

KFC has just introduced the “double down” burger to Australia. I’m not particularly “a-breast” (OH YES!!) with the products of Colonel Sanders although I am aware that the “double down” has achieved certain notoriety stateside for being ridiculously unhealthy, laden in fat and containing a large percentage of one’s recommended fat intake. Containing, “bacon, two […]

Things I have learnt about London

I’ve been in London for two and half months now so I should probably write something London related. Here is a list coz I’m feeling lazy. • Don’t stand on the left hand side of the escalator in the tube station. You will be punched in the head. • The tube is hot and gross. […]