I saw St Vincent last night at the Hi Fi and I would just like to state for the record that she is amazing – just one of those really mesmerising, charismatic frontwomen. Well, frontperson in general.

Myself and a friend of mine were debriefing afterwards and we realised we kept comparing her to other female performers. Why do we do that? Heidi then made the astute observation that her incredible shredding style was akin to that of one of the masters, Prince. There: a comparison this woman deserves, without the obligatory unintentional sexism.

I have a (bad) habit of sometimes maybe judging people based purely on their names and promotional photos. Naughty Rose. Due to this school of thinking and the singles I had heard (completely non-representative of her style and range) I was expecting some boring singer/songwriter-ey type. I stand corrected.

Here is a video of her doing a cover of ‘Kerosene’ by Steve Albini’s former band Big Black at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City.

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