The original intention of this blog was a place for me to showcase my old and current work, whether it be interviews or writing. That was the idea, but I barely uploaded anything new! I was just watching this old interview I did with the Pussycat Dolls and I figured I should post it.

This was conducted backstage at Rod Laver Arena back in May 2009 when the Pussycat Dolls toured Australia and Lady Gaga was still small enough to be supporting them (although in the months following the announcement and preceding the tour it became apparent that she was becoming much bigger than them and it was kind of weird she was supporting them).

I was a bit devastated as my interview was pushed back and  I missed all but one of Gaga’s songs. Lead Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger was very well media trained almost to the point of being slightly passive aggressive and dodged some of my curlier questions very well. I was also shocked at how good looking she was, which is stupid coz y’know she’s a pop star but I really was taken aback.

I was a bit worried coz I was sick and my voice had gone all husky but after I listened back I thought it sounded better that way. I was also scared I’d be banished from the interview seeing as what pop stars are like with their voices and health.

Oh and she lied to me about a bunch of things, such as never leaving the Pussycat Dolls and I loved her answer about it “not being the right time” to release her album (code for “it was a flop and the label wouldn’t let me put it out”).

Watch the video after the jump!

We got a photo together but I look hideous so will not be posting.

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