"Who's That Chick"

So after leaving my job and being out of the pop game for a few weeks, it’s easy to become out of the loop. But I’ve just stumbled upon the video for Rihanna’s new single ‘Who’s That Chick’, which is apparently the second single from her new album Loud.

Wait, SECOND single? Hang on WHAT ALBUM?! What is going on?!?! She just released ‘Te Amo’ and ‘Rockstar 101’ weeks ago (in Australia). She’s still on tour!! What the hell?!!

The career trajectory of even the biggest pop artist can be fleeting. One minute you’re the biggest, shiniest star in the sky, the next minute you’re plummeting back down to earth, burning up on re-entry (turns out you were just a piece of space junk). So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Rihanna is pumping out her fifth album in as many years.

I was a big fan of Rated R. Naturally there were some good pop songs on there but it was also a bit dark and had some interesting tracks that were a bit more adventurous (and I don’t care if the ‘Rude Boy’ was a direct rip off of M.I.A, that song/video is freaking amazing).

Well I just listened to the first single ‘Only Girl in the World’ and I can confirm that it is dancy euro-pop trash.

Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World) by kristinefargerik

‘Who’s That Chick’ has the same irritating clubby vibe, although it has the kind of inane chorus that could potentially turn it into a guilty pleasure over the coming months. It also has a fun video to back it up.

The whole thing reeks of David Guetta. You can have Kelly Rowland and Akon but leave Rihanna alone!!

But back to ‘Only Girl (In the World)’ for a second: although it was supposedly produced by StarGate, it must be pointed out that it sounds ridiculously similar to Kelly Rowland’s latest Guetta produced single ‘Commander’.

"Oui oui, I ruin music for everyone!! Yaaaay!!"

I apologise for subjecting you to this. This will get us back on track.

xo Rosihanna

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