Hello internet blog, it’s been a while.

My first foray into blogging was years ago using ye olde “Livejournal” when i was 20 years old. I left Australia to work at a ski resort in California and started up the blog to keep my family and friends updated on what I was doing (this was before social networking, remember those days?).

Anyway, the resulting blog was a self indulgent highly embarrassing account of how cool I was living the so-cal lifestyle, underage drinking, partying and snowboarding. It still exists somewhere but I’ll kill anyone if they ever find it.

Funnily enough, this blog has begun in the same way as I move to London indefinitely in under 2 weeks.

Rather than self-indulgent drinking adventures I’ll be posting upcoming and previously published interviews with bands that I’ve done and musings on other subjects.

It will be extremely intellectual I promise. To kick things off, here’s an awesome video:

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